Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hi! My dogs wake me up every morning at 8:30 like clockwork. Boog, the small one, gets on my bed and lightly barks at me until I wake up. The other two dogs wait for us by the bedroom door. They like to go out back to use the bathroom and roam around. Audie, the lab, likes to wait outside while I make his breakfast. Audie likes me to say, "Come in Audie, your breakfast is ready!" It is so funny how happy it makes him. So... I do it! He is so cute. I love his cute smile with his crooked teeth. He is a great dog! They are very good about waiting to use the restroom. In all these years, they have only had a couple accidents (only when sick with diarrhea).
Once Audie came running to me. I could tell that he was scared by his eyes. He was panicking. Then he started making the movements like he was going to throw up. Then it came out all on the floor. Poor baby, it really scared him. In the throw up was a super bouncy ball. He must have been playing ketch with it and swallowed it. He likes to pick up his toys and throw them and then run get them. It's really cute. Sometimes he gets so happy with his toys, he starts bucking like a horse, swinging the toy from side to side. It's great. I have Audie with me the longest, so it's like he is my baby.

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