Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My three dogs!!

I have 3 dogs!

Dog # 1: A chow mix, Maynard Elroy, who is 13 years old. My brother asked me if I could keep him for 3-4 weeks while he relocated to a new city. Meanwhile, 5 years later, I still have him! I love him a lot. He is onry, stubborn and wants tons of attention and love.

Dog # 2: A black European Lab, Audie Murphy, who is 7 years old. My daughter begged me for a dog. She was always talking about tiny little dogs sitting in her lap and carrying them around in a bag or oversized purse. So... I told her she could go to the animal shelter and get one. She came home with Audie, a year and a half at the time. She said he looked so sad and depressed that she had to take him. My daughter has grown up and moved on with her own family. I still have Audie. He is the sweetest, good spirited dog I have ever met. I love him a lot too!

Dog # 3: A mix between pomeranian and terrier, Boog (he already had this name when we adopted him. He is tiny. Well, he was when I got him. He was 4 pounds. A co-worker had to give him away. He was going to give him to the animal shelter, so my sister and I adopted him. He is also very stubborn and adorable. He has the sad eye thing down perfect. Of course, I love him too.

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