Sunday, April 11, 2010

My dogs have claimed the couch. Audie and Boog like to sit on the end of the couch and look out the window. They love to monitor the house and yard. They are good watch dogs. Audie always sits like he is a human. He sits in the car the same way. Maynard usually just stands on his back two legs to look out the window when the other dogs alert him. He gets on the couch when he is feeling lonely; needing love and petting. I don't really like them on the couch. I hate the smell and the hair. I ended up letting Audie get on it because we have tile floor. The tile is so hard and it hurts Audie's hips. Oh well, good thing I don't have a husband. He would probably take my recliner and I would have to sit on the stinky couch!! LOL!

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